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Sprayers & Cleaning Supplies
Pink Adhesive Remover [GT-162P]
Pink adhesive remover
SKU : GT-162P
Poly Spray 2 [GT-096]
Poly spray 2
SKU : GT-096
Professional Sprayer [GT-zeppro]
Professional sprayer
SKU : GT-zeppro
Spray Master Bottle [GT-090]
Spray master bottle
SKU : GT-090
White Scrub Pad [GT-085]
White scrub pad
SKU : GT-085

  Sprayers and Cleaning Supply  Description:-

Pink Adhesive Remover GT-162P:

                                      Gallon of concentrated adhesive remover. Which use to remove   
                                            the old tint easily.

Poly Spray 2 GT-096:

This pressurized spray bottle holds more solution than the 32 ounce bottles and reduces “finger-fatigue” by eliminating the need for pumping while spraying via a simple trigger.  Handy for large windows and long-duration sprays.  Has an adjustable spray nozzle.  (1.25 liters)         

Professional Sprayer GT-ZepPro:

                                       ZEP Commercial 32 ounce Professional spray bottle features an   
                                             ergonomic trigger and adjustable nozzle that sprays up to 30 feet.
                                            The sprayer is ideal for commercial use as well as for cleaning
                                            around the home. Graduated measurement marks make it perfect
                                            for concentrates.

Spray Master Bottler GT-090:

                                      An overall heavy duty sprayer, this spray bottle comes with a 5        
                                            year warranty and is chemically resistant. It is equipped with a
                                            strong trigger and holds 32 ounces.

White Scrub Pad GT-085:

                                      Great for cleaning windows prior to installation.




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