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1 inch Blade Ade [GT-212]
1" blade ade
SKU : GT-212
1" clip scraper
SKU : GT-109
6 inch Triumph Scraper [GT-107]
6" triumph scraper
SKU : GT-107
Gator blade i
SKU : GT-1049
Gator blade ii
SKU : GT-1050
Heavy Duty 1 inch Razor Scraper [GT-138]
Heavy duty 1" razor scraper
SKU : GT-138
Lidco big blade (3"x4")
SKU : gt-994


 Scrapers Description:-

1” Blade Ade –GT212

                             Plastic handle that can accommodate any 1″ blade.

6” Triumph Scraper GT-107

                                 This is the new and improved version of the slide covered Triumph.
                                 With a bigger button and smoother action, the cover easily opens
                                 and closes with no hassle. No more fumbling with a separate blade
                                 cover, which is safer and more convenient, especially when doing
                                 ladder work. Great for regular window cleaning, but not recommended for
                                 stripping off old film. Use the 
GT108  replacement blades.

1” Heavy Duty Razor GT-138

                             Retractable safety scraper, intermediate blade position keeps the blade     
                                  from sliding out while in use.

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