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Installation Accessories
5-Way Trim Guide [GT-190]
5-way trim guide
SKU : GT-190
Do Not Roll Down Stickers-250 Per Roll [GT-981A]
Do not roll down stickers-250 per roll
SKU : GT-981A
Gasket Push Stick [GT-194]
Gasket push stick
SKU : GT-194
Hard Card Shapener [GT-068]
Hard card sharpener
SKU : GT-068
Heat Gun HT-1000 [GT-250]
Heat gun ht-1000
SKU : GT-250
Waist Apron [GT-176]
Waist apron
SKU : GT-176

  Installation Accessories Description:-

5 Way Trim Guide GT-190:

                                      Use this tool as a trim guide or wrap in paper towels and use as a   
                                             bump tool.

Do not Roll Down Stickers 250/roll GT-981 A:

                                      250 stickers per roll. Use on roll down window switches after film    
                                             installations. Features low-tack adhesive.


Gasket Push Stick GT-194:

                                      Gasket Push Stick used for tight window glass gasket.

Hard Card Sharpener GT-068:

                                      A must have to keep hard card and other squeegee edges               
                                            smooth.  Simply slide the squeegee edge along the tray to smooth
                                            out rough edges.  Uses a 1″ single edge blade.

Heat Gun GT-250:

                                      This model allows you to heat shrink in low or high fan speeds and
                                             has a variable temperature setting to fine tune the amount of heat  
                                             needed for a specific application. 120 Volt Use

Waist Apron GT-176:

                                      Heavy duty waist apron for easy access to tools while on the job.


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