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Hard Cards
4 inch 3M Gold Squeegee [GT-079]
4" 3m gold squeegee
SKU : GT-079
6" lidco gray squeegee
SKU : GT-087-6 GR
Gray PVC Squeegee [GT-087GR]
Gray pvc squeegee
SKU : GT-087GR
Lil Chizler [GT-083]
Lil chizler
SKU : GT-083
Teflon hard card squeegee
SKU : GT-086
Yellow PVC Squeegee [GT-087]
Yellow pvc squeegee
SKU : GT-087


 Hard Card Description:-


1.   4" 3M Gold Card (GT-079):-

A reusable flexible squeegee type applicator, when hand applying film or pre mask, this tool is the perfect solution for FRP or other textured surfaces.

2.   Gray PVC Squeegee (GT-087GR):-

Use with automotive window film installations, this softer squeegee (Compared to the hard cards) are less likely to scratch glass and film during installation. Used for side windows, this Gray card is harder than the related yellow one.

3.   Lil Chizler (GT-083):-

The Lil' Chizler is the original that everyone has known for years. Great for working out fingers on window film the Lil' Chizler also works well in removing decals. This is a must have in any window tinter's tool pouch.

4. Teflon Black Squeegee (GT-086BLK):-

The Black Teflon hard card is more flexible than the White Teflon card. The softer material makes it ideal for use on all types of window tint installation. This card would be too soft for use heat shrinking window film.

5. Teflon Gold Squeegee (GT-086GLD):-

The Gold Teflon card is harder than the Black Teflon, but slightly softer than the Platinum Teflon card. This particular window tinting tool is great choice for heat shrinking and final edge bumping for water extraction.

6. Teflon Platinum Squeegee (GT-086PLT):-

The Platinum Teflon was created when some tinters were asking for something harder than the White and Gold Teflon Cards. This is the hardest Teflon card available. It is ideal for heat shrinking and bumping the edges.

7. Teflon White Squeegee (GT-086):-

The standard 4" Version of the window film industry standard in Teflon cards. This versatile hard card can be used for heat shrinking, bumping edges and chizling. Many tinter's cut these cars into various shapes to even make them more useful. This is one tool that qualifies as a window tinting "must have".

8. Yellow PVC Squeegee (GT-087):-

Combination squeegee / hard card used as finishing tool during window film installation. When wrapped in a layer of cotton fabric or lint free paper towel it can be used for wicking water out along borders (after an installation) or used for  sweeping film flush to the glass during heat forming procedures.








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