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Handled Squeegees
12" stainless steel squeegee
SKU : SC-1111
8" pro squeegee deluxe
SKU : GT-064
Blue Max 5 inch angle cut
Blue max 5" angle cut
SKU : GT-117A
Blue Max Squeegee with Handle [GT-122]
Blue max squeegee with handle
SKU : GT-122
Generic blue max - sc-122
The Bulldozer-1-Automotive [GT-205]
The bulldozer-1-automotive
SKU : GT-205


Handled Squeegee Description:-


1.   Blue Max 5” Angle Cut (GT-117A):-

Installation squeegee for automotive and flat glass applications. These tools are excellent for water evacuation.

2.   Blue Max Squeegee with Handle (GT-122):-

Ready-to-use installation squeegee uses angled Blue Max and Unger Pro handle.

3.   The Bulldozer 1 (GT-205):-

The Bulldozer 1 is used in Automotive application. It allows you to get to those hard to reach areas, such as behind speakers, brake lights, low angles and rear windows. Features a 6" squeegee blade and is 15" in overall length.



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