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Triumph Carbon Scraper Blades [GT-108]
6" triumph carbon scraper blades
SKU : GT-108
Olfa Stainless Steel Snap Blades [GT-116]
Olfa stainless steel snap blades
SKU : GT-116
Single Edge Blades [GT-140]
Single edge blades
SKU : GT-140
Single edge blades 5 pc
SKU : SC-140


Blades Description:

1.     6" Triumph Scraper Blades :-

6" Black Triumph Scraper Blades comes in a 25 pack. Triumph blades work well on flat glass such as residential or commercial windows. The Black Triumph S/S blades though are still better and less susceptible to scratching. Fits in 6” Triumph Scraper 

2.     OLFA Stainless Steel Snap Blades :-

Stainless steel snap-off blades for use in moist environments (wallpapering, window films, etc.) where rust is a concern. Made of high-quality Japanese grade stainless steel and designed for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Long lasting and durable. a new sharp edge with just a snap. Fits in OLFA  Silver Stainless Steel Knife , NT Pro A – 1 “Red Dot Knife , OLFA “A” Yellow Knife. 50 blades per pack. 

3.     Single Edge Blades:-

100-Piece Single Edge Razor Blades Always use a sharp new blade when scraping the window to prevent scratches. Perfect for removing paint, stickers and glue form glass and tile. Fits in 1” Blade Ade and Heavy Duty 1” Razor Scraper.






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